Black Girl’s Approach to Nude…

There is just something, that is so alluring, so seductive and so sexy about an amazing nude shade on a woman’s lips. It gives off the “I really didn’t try this morning” vibe, while still making it clear “yeah. I did a little something. ‘Cause I love myself.” 

But I have one particular gripe when it comes to this. When woman of color wear not woman of color nude lip colors. Like, sis… no one told  you you’re walking around here looking like black face? 

I mean, to each their own. We have to experiment and have trail and error in this scare world of beauty. But if you pass the “Brown Paperbag Test” whether you’re, African American, Caribbean or Afro Latina, those beige and pale pinks (this is my personal opinion, not fact based on any studied) tend to look, for a lack of a better word, “ashy” on it against our skintones. 

And that hurts me. Honestly, truly.

I was kind of excited to see Nicki Minaj’s latest collaboration with M.A.C is what looked like some really good nude approaches for women of color. But, although not being the most expensive cosmetics brand, shit ain’t cheap!

So I, in all my frugalness found the penny pinching path to brown girl nude greatness! 

Inside light

Day light
A lot of the times, we as women sleep on our drugstore brands. But with better formulas, these brands have really step their game up and are some of my new favorites! To achieve the look above, which when it comes to our undertones, color with a lot of chestnut base always look good on us, I lined my complete lip first with L.A. Girl Ultimate Lip Intense Stay Auto Liner in Keep It Spicy ($7)  which on it’s own would make a really nice matte. Then, because I generally like my lips to look a little moisturized, just a little, I went over the liner with Wet’n’Wild Megaslicks Balm Stain in Caffeine Fix ($1.49)

You can find both of these in your local drugstore or click the links above.